with things unknown

“Words are worthless- apologies are meaning less, we as humans are all selfish- what you want is the holy grail to sip upon the liquids of the gods sweet as nectar, veil as poison- blinded by your own greed, by what you call my only . I call you a sad pathetic fool- the facade you masquerade to make those believe you are holy- to make those believe you are earthly, you are just like the rest consume by hollowness of society and the fantasy that you want to become reality. It’s not your worth when it easy- it’s not your worth if they come grieving, like a fascist idiot you only want what will benefit you- to seep in its glory. Forgetting that there is beauty in the simple things and that all your what you consider is worthy is what we outsiders see as ugly. That a diamond in the rough shines with it’s truth and the jewels attached to that of the holy grail is empty only to please the blinded eyes.”