optimistic view in a pessimistic subject

Time over time, we the Generation Y or the millennial generation are being reminded that we are going to fail, whether in our careers, our relationships, and most of all the expectations of our parents. Nothing seems to be good enough and nothing is good enough. I am an example, I am currently 23 years old and about to graduate from undergrad in exactly one month from now. Ironically, I do believe that I am a minor fuck up….. not major one but only minor…. MFU( minor fuck up)

Throughout my 23 years of living I have come to realize, that I am not even close to be consider an adult… more like a girl pretending to be one until an opportunity comes my way that will me as one. Like many other in my position I don’t know where I am going and where I will be in 5 years from now… what I do know is that I probably will not be driving benzo rather I be probably riding the train to a shitty job where I have no love’O, to even give a fuck. Pessimistic yes, I do agree that I am the black cloud that over your sunlight when it comes to the realization of reality.

Reality is what we make of it and  my reality is that I would never make a living with what I love to do, reality is that I am under the pressure of two Asian parents only wanting their daughter to succeed, and that I am an marketing student focusing on advertisement, where I can’t seem to get anything right. But my reality is that I am capable of anything and that I am passionate…. I am scared like any kid who is about to graduate, not knowing if I will make it or if I will end up like another statics… there is a big question mark that hoovers over my head… I so want to figure it out already…. But that is the glory of life, is that you never know what is in store for you. I believe in myself, but it hard to question my actions when it seems the world is against me….. I can’t help it but feel lost, hopeless, and fragile…. But I will get over it.

With questions there will be an answers whether if I will like it not, it will be revealed……. I will not say that ” I will make it” or “with dedication and love and passion, I can do anything” bullshit I will not! I will say that with every step forward , there is something that will bring you 3 steps back but the glory of that,  is doing it again where  I won’t make that mistake again.

You see I’m only a MFU.

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