2014 I am ready

The year is coming to the end, 2013 has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. Being 22 years old I have to say that I am not your typical 22 year old. I have just begin to live, experience love, and discovering my own calling, I have love and lost, been offered a job and lost a job, gain the love of new friends and the lost of old ones. I have to say i have never truly experience life until 2013, and for that I want to thank you, for all the tears I have had shed to all the laughter i had shared…. I have no regrets, I am still on the journey of discovering on who I am, but I have a better sense of where I want to be in end. For the new year I only have is  one wish,  to be healthy and not be ashamed of who I am. To all my family and friends Happy New Year… my life can’t be any better with out you people in it. Never love in vain, never take anything for granted, and live your lives to the fullest without regrets but only hope in the end.



Welcome 2014

Happy Fucking New Year